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News Biomedical Waste Shredder

Biomedical Waste Shredder

August 13, 2021     News

Biomedical Waste Shredder is a major step in medical waste disposal. Medical waste is often infectious and contains sharp items and even body parts. By regulations, biomedical waste shall be separated and collected in waste bins in different colours.

Medical waste includes infectious waste, pathological waste, sharps, pharmaceutical waste, genotoxic waste, chemical waste, metallic waste, pressurised containers, radioactive waste.

After sterilization, all hospital waste is downsized by Biomedical Waste Shredder. It is a process to break down the waste so as to make the waste unrecognizable. A smaller size helps a better incerination and prevents reuse of medical tools.

biomedical waste disposal

Biomedical waste disposal machine

Applications of Medical Shredder

It can process all kinds of waste originated from a hospital, clinic or pharmacy, regardless of which made of glass, plastic or metal. Here are some example of the shredder can downsize:

  • Used plasitc/glass IV bottle, regulator, vial, blister and expired medicine, waste container.
  • Consumables: syringes, needles, bed sheets, bandaids and cottons.
  • Disposal wears: protective suit, gloves, facial masks.
  • Surgical instrucment: Blades or cutters, prongs, serrations, box-lock, shank, rachets, clamps, lancets and calpels.

Biomedical Waste Shredder

Biomedical Waste Shredding Video

The video demonstrates an in-house shredding of syringes, IV infusion bottles, masks and gloves. The final output size is 40mm, which is acceptable size for incineration or bury.

Category of Medical Waste Shredder

The biomedical shredder adopts two kinds of blades, depending on your requirement of composition of the waste, input size, capacity and final output size. It is adviced to select a single shaft shredder if the medical waste has a high percentage of bed sheets and non-woven materials. Otherwise, a two shaft shredder is better in terms of  high throughput and producing bigger output size and the ability to shred more variable hospital waste.

Single-Shaft Shredder

Single-Shaft Shredder for Size-control Shredding

Two Shaft Shredder

Two Shaft Shredder for Primary Shredding

The plastic medical waste can be refined by taking out metals and glasses. Wiscon scrap plastic recycling system takes well care of plastic medical waste, turning it into value-added plastic pellets.

Wiscon Biomedical Waste shredder is your impeccable choice of safe disposal of medical waste and biochemical waste and hoispital hazardous waste. With decades of experience, we will guide to design and develop a reliable recycling system.



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