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Biomass Shredder

August 21, 2021     News

By transforming waste to energy, biomass shredding systems (biomass shredder) are becoming more popular. Biomass is used as alternative fuel to produce electricity or heat. It is developed from plant or agricultural waste such as wood, garden trims, and crops and animal residues. These materials become useful again through biofuel production. However, to produce biomass energy, the infeed materials at first need to be shredded and granulated to a proper size.

Looking for high throughput like 30-50ton/h, a double shaft shredder is an ideal model. Thanks to its high torque and super large chamber, materials in bales and in loose form can easily disintegrated and size reduced.

Waste to energy shredder

Biomass shredder

energy shredder

Biomass Shredder Video

Running in Thailand, the biomass crusher produces chips at a size of 40mm by 40mm, with a throughput of 5000kg/h.

With the technology of our single, double, and quad shaft shredders, we can help you to produce biomass as efficiently and effectively as possible. To provide the best recycling solution, we recommend the most suitable piece of machinery after listening and analyzing our customer’s requirements.


Lumber industry: trunks, branches, bamboo, wood pallets
Home use: garden trimming, food waste
Industry use: wooden crate, wooden pallet, woodcraft size reduction.
Agricultural use: sugar canes, paddy straws, agave bagasse, cane trash.
Briquette and pelletizing.

biomass crusher

Biomass shredder for organic waste

biomass recycling

The advantages of using biomass shredding:

  • High throughput from 10ton/h to 40ton/h.
  • Output size is manageable about 50mm.
  • Helps to prevent natural resource depletion from generating renewable energy
  • Diverts from landfills
  • Reduces waste
  • Work with pelletizers to produce high caloric wood fuel
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly operation

Our robust and durable Biomass Shredder Machine is highly customizable to cater to the needs of energy industry and recycling business. Our biomass crusher specialists are ready to help you to transform waste to energy.

Interested in learning more about our Biomass Shredder or Crusher? Feel free to contact us now!

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