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News Battery Recycling and Battery Shredder

Battery Recycling and Battery Shredder

July 7, 2021     News

Without a Battery Shredder(battery crusher), the huge market demand for lithium-ion batteries has led to a large number of waste batteries. How to deal with these scrap lithium-ion batteries to reduce their impact on the environment is an urgent problem. On the other hand, in order to cope with the huge market demand, manufacturers produce a large number of lithium-ion batteries.

battery shredder

Battery Shredding System

At present, the production of lithium-ion battery cathode materials mainly includes lithium cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium nickel cobalt manganate ternary materials and lithium ferrous phosphate, etc. Therefore, used lithium-ion batteries contain more cobalt (Co), lithium (Li), nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), copper (Cu), iron (Fe) and other metal resources.

Since 2010, Wiscon Envirotech has developed the recycling of used batteries because it has huge economic and ecological values. Battery shredder in conjunction with metal separation.

Battery Shredding Video

The Process of Battery Recycling

The mechanical separation method refers to the disassembly and separation of batteries, and the battery components such as electrode actives, collectors and battery shells are crushed, sieved, separated by magnetic separation, finely crushed and sorted to obtain valuable and high content materials.
Among them, the physical separation process includes crushing, screening, magnetic separation, fine crushing and sorting. The shredding system utilizes

  1. Battery shredder and battery crusher for size reduction
  2. Sieves of different apertures for sorting and crushing the materials
  3. Magnetic separation and eddy current separation for further processing and preparation for the subsequent chemical leaching process.

In the end, after battery shredding, we can get 99% pure plastic, 98% pure non-ferrous metal(e.g. iron) and 99% pure ferrous metals(e.g.cobalt, nickel, maganese).

battery shredding

The Advantage of Using Battery Shredder

The battery shredder adopts a single shaft design, which allows you to load with a massive amount of discharged batteries. After going through the screen, particles less than 40mm are obtained. Thanks to the auto-fire extinguisher, we minimize the possibility of sparks and fire.

The pusher constantly keeps batteries in touch with the rotor, ensuring maximum productivity.

Some may claim the knife of a battery shredder does not last long. However, our special alloy hardened blades can crush 3-time longer.

Scrap Metal Recycling System

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