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Specialized Bale Breaker
Bale Breaker
  • P380 Single Shaft Shredder & Belt Conveyor
  • Bale Breaker

    Release your Bales

    • Break down materials in bales
    • Reduce material stream congestion
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    A bale breaker is also called debaler, commonly used to break down a compressed block of materials. As a compressed bale may be overwhelm for a primary shredder and granulator due to its oversize and high density, it often cause overload and jam in the first size reduction process. Thus, in the first step, a bale breaker disintegrating the materials is necessary.

    Bale breaker

    Bale Break for Plastic Waste

    Application of Debaler

    Compressed material such as, PET bottles, aluminum can, plastic drums and canister, plastic film, cardboard and paper.

    Rakes of Debaler

    Rakes of Debaler

    The rakes of debaler slice open the straps and push forward the stream materials to the next process. This automated machine repalce labour force to unbaled the materials by hands.

    Pre-shredder/Pre-crusher as Bale Breaker

    It is also adviced to use our pre-shredder to perform this task.

    The high torque and slow speed of rotor release compressed materials from a bale.

    Excellent for rolls of films, big bags and agricultural films.


    Debaler Features

    Multuiple machines avail to disintegrate your baled materials.

    Customizable power and capacity.

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