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News Bagasse Shredder

Bagasse Shredder

August 20, 2022     News

A bagasse shredder is a heavy-duty recycling machine that handles almost any kind of biomass waste and turns it into pieces. Bagasse is organic material like plants or trees. The biomass includes wood trims, sugarcane pulp, hemp, coconut husk, EFB (empty fruit bunch), corn husk, palm waste, napier grass and paddy straw.

The resulting materials are an ingredient for RDF and MDF, as well as fertilizer and fuel for furnace and power plants. The downsized materials also faciliates incineration.

Bagasse Shredder

Bagasse Shredder

Bagasse shredder Applications

1. Businesses that need to shred biomass for energy production.

2. Businesses that want to reduce the volume of organic waste.

3. Businesses that tend to extract juice or fiber from biomass waste.

Bagasse Recycling Machine Features

It is made up of high quality gear reducer and 100% self-made rotor that ensure maximum performance up to 50ton/hr and 24/7 reliability. The drive includes hydraulic and eletric up to 200HP, depending on output.

Multi-tooth rotor can cut bagasse into 20-60mm particles. Bagasse shredders are designed to produce fine particles, which can then be used as fuel in power plants or furnaces.

Bagasse crusher

Bagasse recycling machine

The shredder is heavy-duty design, yet faciliates easy blade replacement and daily maintenance. The blade is made of Hardox, which is resistant to wear and has a long service life.

The bagasse recycling machine is a super high throughput machine that offers unique benefits over conventional methods such as shredding by hand, hammer milling and chipping.

An example of such shredder is like:

  • Motor: 45kW + 45W (Dual drive)
  • Crushing Chamber: 1300*995mm
  • Blade material: Hardox, super long service life and extremely anti-wear.
  • Shaft material: 42CrMo
  • Number of teeth: 12 per disk
  • Number of blades: 29
  • Blade thickness: 50mm
  • Rotor diameter: 520mm
  • Weight: 15000kg

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