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Automatic Shredder

November 24, 2021     News

Automastic shredder realizes safe shredding thanks to a high torque hydraulic motor. The Automatic Shredder is equipped with a high torque hydraulic motor for powerful crushing force on presses. In addition, the crushing effect of the reversing operation also reduces the load on the crusher.
Automatic sequence of operation. The state of charge is detected and forward and reverse operations are automatically controlled by a sequencer. The Automatic Crusher also automatically detects and alerts the operator if difficult-to-crush materials have been loaded. In addition, the loading port bridge also has a self-canceling sequence, which reduces the workload.
Automatic lubrication mechanism, the automatic lubrication unit makes it easy to lubricate the gear group of the main body and the bearing unit.
Long-life wearing parts, grinding blades and stationary blades have a 30% longer service life. They adopt special cast steel and abrasion-resistant special steel plates, which gives them a anti-wearing and saves on maintenance.
Also compatible with dice presses. Automatic Crusher adopts a unique sequence equips a mode which is smaller than conventional presses and allows a heavy duty dice press to crush effectively by reducing the number of reversals. Changing modes between automatic and manual is easy.

Automated shredder

Applicable Waste of Automatic Shredder

-Vinyl sheet
-Agricultural plastic film
-Agricultural polymers
-Plastic boxes
-PET bottles
-Recording media such as CDs
-Packaging materials
-Waste paper
-Waste wood
-Wooden pallets
-Soft container bags
-Tires (consult us for tires for oversized vehicles)
-Rough wood, bamboo, discarded cables, batteries and much more.

Automatic Shredder

Automatic shredder machine

This system transforms fabrics, plastic waste and waste paper into an alternative fuel to fossil fuels such as fine powdered coal and briquettes, thus helping to protect our resources and the environment. CO2 reduction. This system efficiently processes raw materials such as films, sheets and roll shapes that have low specific weight and are difficult to process, and Automatic Crusher manufactures RDF with characteristics suitable for fuels.
RDF stands for Refused derived fuel. It is a solid fuel mainly based on plastic waste and waste paper. The quality and characteristics as a fuel are excellent because the manufacturing is carried out by limiting the raw materials.

Automatic Shredder



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