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ASR Shredder

September 12, 2023     News

Automotive shredder residue (ASR), also referred to as car fluff, is the 20% of end-of-life vehicle’s mass remaining after dismantling and shredding of discarded automobiles. ASR typically consists of metals, plastics, rubber, textile and glass.

A recent trend involves turning ASR to RDF (refused derived fuel). Among ASR, plastics and rubber take up to 60%, resulting a high heating value. However, a proper treatment on the output size and content shall carry out to ensure an efficient pyrolysis.

Carfluff shredder

ASR Shredder

ASR varies in size from 20mm to 200mm due to different dismantle processes. An excellent grade of RDF/SRF is a complementary fuel to co-incinerate with fossil fuel. Based on waste stream and output size, the ASR shredder can produce pre-defined particles to feed to

  • Clinker kiln (primary burner and secondary burner)
  • Fluidized bed incinerator
  • Hotdisk

ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue) at a fine grade

Wiscon suggests a single stage shredding for processing car fluff. The M series industrial shredder is rugged and strong to downsize to less than 25mm. The capacity of the car fluff shredder can tailor to your requirement. From 500kg/hour to 15ton/hour, with multiple drive solutions, Wiscon presents the best reliable from ARS to RDF to all cement industry and power plants. We also offer solution to metal car parts and plastic car parts.

From ASR to RDF

In addition to the requirements for RDF shown in the table above, there is usually a contract between the RDF supplier and the user, which further constrains the quality of the RDF, often including:

  • Particle size (diameter in 2D),
  • Net calorific value (MJ/kg),
  • Chlorine content (w%),
  • Sulfur content (w%),
  • Fluorine content (w%),
  • Ash content (w%),
  • Moisture content (w%),
  • Biogenic carbon content (%),
  • Density (kg/m3),
  • Heavy metal content limits (mg/kg)

Chlorine content is a concern. To follow the regulation, the PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) should be limited to feed and presorted. An air sifter can remove inert including glass and metal. A magnet can extract ferrous metals. All of these measures can increase the quality of the RDF. A finer RDF can lead to a better burning efficiency of a kiln or boiler.

ASR Shredding

Shredding matters in RDF production



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