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News Aluminum Can Shredder

Aluminum Can Shredder

August 11, 2021     News

Compared with plastic and glass, aluminum is much better in terms of ductility, weight and heat conduction. Aluminum shredder is useful. Aluminum is a very important metal, widely used in machinery, construction, automobile, aircraft, household appliances and packaging materials industries.

By an Aluminum Can Shredder (Aluminum recycling machine), do you know that aluminum can be recycled 100%? Normally,the used aluminum cans will be recycled for new cans again. As production of an aluminum is estimated to release two times as much carbon dioxide.

aluminum shredder

UBC shredder

Applications of Aluminum Shredding Machine

Used beverage can(UBC), aluminum briquette and bales, soda cans.

Gas cylinder, spray cream, hair styling spray, aerosol paint.

Aluminum profile, aluminum extrusion, aluminum sheet, alloy.

Aluminum wires, coils.

Taint tabor, zorba, breakage.

Aluminum Shredder Video

Aluminum shredder for UBC (Used Beverage Cans) downsizes aluminum briquettes at 2 metric tons per hour. The system consists of a one-shaft shredder and a granulator. The final output size is 12mm. At Wiscon, we dare to say we empower aluminum recycling at the best.

Shredding Aluminum Cans

The scrap aluminum materials are collected and briquetted. Next they go to a recycling manufacturing plant, where they are shredded, remelted and solidified again.  In the processing of shredding, an aluminum can shredder is the most important part in aluminum recycling machine.

An UBC shredder downsizes soda cans, saving the re-melting energy from processing. Plus the hydraulic press continuosly keeps aluminum scrap in touch with rotor. The resulting materials are 40-60mm shredded particles, which are impeccable for melting and forging. We would like to recommend single shaft shredder and granulator. A granulator is followed to further size reduce the 40mm particles to 12mm.

aluminum crusher

Before the aluminum cans shredder(aluminum can crusher) model choosing, we need to know the aluminum cans’ form (i.e. loose or in briquette), capacity, output size, ease of operation and maintanence.

Other than aluminum cans recycling,the aluminum cans shredder also can process plastic, wood, paper, metal solid waste, industrial waste, chemical drums. You may see more videos here.

All Wiscon shredding equipment is bespoke to suit the user’s material, budget and production goals.

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