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News Agricultural Waste Shredder

Agricultural Waste Shredder

September 20, 2022     News

Agricultural waste (bio-waste) and other organic by-products are a great ingredient for producing electricity, heat and purified methane. An early treatment by agricultural waste shredder is an essential step prior to burning. Pre-shredding biomass reduces the volume of the materials and water content, and increases combustion efficiency in a furnace.

Using biomass and RDF/SRF as a fuel is more environmentally friendly and significantly cheaper than natural gas and diesel. As a trend, Wiscon has enriched experience in farm waste shredder for alternative energy production. Two options are available for waste to energy management, by single shaft shredder or double shaft shredder.

Bagass Agave Shredder

Biomass Shredder

Biomass Shredder Applications

Sugar cane shredder

Biomass Plant

Our Advantages of Agricultural Waste Shredding

1. Extremely high throughput up to 50ton/hr

When throughput matters, output size does not. A double shaft shredder is the primary choice for achieving a high throughput between 30-50ton/h. Of course, we can also manage 10-30ton/h by a smaller models. Meeting a balance between output size and capacity is our job.

The cross cutting of 2 comb rotors ensures farm waste to be disintegrated.

biomass shredding

2. Controllable output size from 20mm to 100mm

Most biomass boilers require particle size up to 15 cm, which is 100% viable for us. Thanks for Wiscon M series, the unique structure guarantees particles less than 60mm. Smaller the particles, lower the throughput!

Single shaft shredder’s output is determined by screen size. Double shaft shredder’s output is determined by blade thickness.

Biomass chipper

Agricultural waste shredder

3. Stable production

The premium selection of electrical components and dedicated mechanical fabrication assure 24/7 stable operation. The planetary gear reducer maintains the highest torque and bear all shock loads. The automated lubricate system reduces labour cost.

Shredder machines having multiple tooth which are act as a scissor to shear the organic waste into very small particles from 20 to 100 mm in size. The direct transmission from motor, pulley, gear reducer to shaft brings the biggest shredding efficiency. Dual independent drives can run at the best condition without interfering each other. The output is suitable for briquette machine.

4. Low Operating Cost

Farm Waste Shredder

In addition to direct-fired power generation, shredded biomass can also be used for fermentation for biogas and fertilizer production. We can carry out in-house trials for you to determine which Agricultural waste shredder/farm waste shredder would best suit your application.

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