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AFR Shredder

July 20, 2022     News

Over time, cement industry, paper industry and power plant have made significant progress in terms of improvement in energy efficiency and productivity. A big furnace or kiln is used in the aforementioned industries, but the use of alternative fuel and raw material (AFR) to supplant fossil fuels for thermal energy needs. This subsituite is a global trend as more AFR shredder (AFR Crusher) and RDF plant produce alternative fuels.

Still not clear about what AFR or RDF is? Check this out.

AFR Shredder

M4200 Single Shaft Fine Shredder

The Wiscon AFR shredder is highly effective at destroying waste into bits, making them an ideal choice for maximizing RDF production and achieving a rapid ROI. The shredding machines are usually used for reducing the size of bulky items, protecting against fraud, disintegration and processing raw materials in factories. They are also used for disposing of factory rejects and packaging.

Wiscon offers industrial shredder machines for a variety of applications. We have a variety of AFR crushers to choose from, depending on the size and purpose of the shredded material. Wensui Group has been manufacturing these machines since 1990, and have gained a lot of hands-on experience onsite. We are living in a time where it is important to recycle waste and conserve resources. It is important to be aware of the potential risks associated with any new investment.

AFR Plant

AFR Production Plant

How Does AFR Shredder Work

AFR crusher is placed after sorting and separation, and especially after primary shredder. Just like a fine shredder, the major goal is to size reduce the waste to smaller particles from 40mm to 100mm. It adopt single-shaft design and high-speed rotation.

Depending on the AFR process and waste stream characteristics, a combination of following equipment can be used to offer a complete RDF/SRF/ARF solution.

  • Primary shredder
  • Magnetic Separator
  • Star / Disc Screen
  • Eddy-current Separator
  • Secondary Shredder (aka AFR shredder)
  • Air Sifter with cyclone
  • Briquetting machine

From waste to RDF to AFR Briquettes

RDF Processing Plant



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