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News Aerosol Can Shredder

Aerosol Can Shredder

November 7, 2023     News

An aerosol can shredder punctures and downsizes aerosol cans in a mean to neutralize this special waste. A used aerosol cans and sprays are sometimes hazardous, as they contain hazardous liquid and pressurized gas. This posts a hazard in the later mechanical treatment and incineration.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Aerosol Can Shredder

Why aerosol cans are a hazardous waste? Aerosol cans/sprays may be hazardous wastes only when they are non-empty. For example, they can fill up with lubricant, paint, pesticide and even gas (methane). These are toxic to the environment. The use of aerosols has raised environmental concerns due to the propellants used, which can contribute to air and water pollution. Therefore, properly collecting the remaining content is a crucial in recycling aerosol cans.

On the other hands, the use of aerosol cans is inclining annully. The cans are made of sheet iron metals, which makes recycle cans a recycling business.

Aerosol Can Shredding Video

The video is for illustration only to show the operation inside. A fully sealed hopper ensures NO spillage and flying out on the running machine.

Wiscon’s take on Aerosol Cans

In Wiscon’s perspective, aerosol cans are hazardous waste. We aims to extract the hazardous content, and reclaim the metal cans.

Through shredding, our double shaft shredder punctures and crushes cans into pieces. At the bottom, there is a screw conveyor to absorb the liquid. Next, the metal goes out from screw conveyor and fall onto a magnetic separator. In the end, the scrap metals are collected.

Aerosol Can Recycling

The main unit aerosol can shredder is applicable for size reduction of scrap aluminum, copper wire and PVC profile. Wiscon’s dual-shaft shear solid waste shredder is the best solution for the above metal wastes and volume reduction at high capacity. Our shredder and the system are fully automated.

The blade has excellent wear resistance and impact resistance. The power of the shredder is matched with the motor drive or hydraulic drive according to the characteristics of the shredded material.

Small Metal Crusher

Small Scrap Metal Shredder



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