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News 3 Major Factors to Think before Buying Plastic Crusher

3 Major Factors to Think before Buying Plastic Crusher

September 13, 2020     News

3 Major Factors to Think before Buying Plastic Crusher. This article would save your time and money for your recycling business.

Recognize the Brand

Good plastic crusher manufacturers often sell not just equipment, but the service, brand and reputation. The selection of materials and components of the equipment shall not be compromised, especially for the blade, bearings and chassis.

A friend of mine bought an 800mm width plastic crusher to process large PP plastic lumps. Two weeks later, one bearing is out of order, then he called for help but the supplier refused to dispatch. In the end, he came for me and asked for service.

Wiscon notices the problem was caused by overheating of the bearing so we examed concentricity and replaced it with a pair of NSK bearings, to change the original deformed bearing seat. Moreover, we welded 12 bars onto the machine chassis to enhance its rigidity and toughness. The problem was solved then he is still happy with the fixed crusher.

Buying Plastic Crusher

Granulator & conveyor

Understand your Requirement

Manufacturers need to have a clear goal for themselves. What is the production requirement? Do you have enough power supply to run all machines? Do the current materials smaller than your infeed hopper? For crushing large pieces or small edges?

When buying recycling equipment like an industrial shredder or plastic granulator, Wiscon recommends going for upsize and never downsize, unless you expect your business will not grow.

Wiscon suggests buying a bigger crusher because it allows you to process more different and bigger sizes of materials. It means to leave your recycling plant a bigger margin for unexpected materials like purgings and rolls of films. Of course, there are different series for different types such as pipes, plates, profiles and so on.

Plastic grinding machine

Recognize the Degree of Automation

In this era of automation, labour is undoubtedly the most expensive investment. Although recycling equipment investment incurs a large upfront cost, a smoothly running recycling system can at least save 1 labour per day. In a long term, that is saving more than $60,000 a year, assuming $200 a day for one labor.

A more advanced and automated workshop brings a reduced possibility of work injuries and reduced labour costs and higher productivity. Always keeps automation in mind. One-time investment may cause a lot for your recycling business at the beginning but it will be better off in a long term.

Hope our article on Think before Buying Plastic Crusher removes your hassle. Feel free to contact us and buy plastic grinding machine at any time, we are glad to offer your professional knowledge of recycling equipment.



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