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News 2 Shaft Shredder

2 Shaft Shredder

November 29, 2021     News

2 Shaft Shredder is often a necessary phase to ensure the performances and the lifetime of the size reduction systems, especially before fine shredding or briquetting. Wiscon Envirotech shredders are designed and built to fit your materials and desired particle output. Shredders are equipped with removable alloy blades arranged on a splined shaft.

Depending on applications, 2 shaft shredder differs from width and power. Material determines width and power of the machines. The shredder discharges the waste is the same width as the cutter width called “Strip”, usually 2.5 cm to 6.0 cm wide. Range of 200-3000 kg/hr for aluminum chips and tires. The overall assembly driven by 2 gear motor reducers to lower speed and incline torque.

Double Shaft Shredder Blades

Double Shaft Shredder Blades

2 Shaft Shredder Video

Smaller particles result in a higher density of processed materials leaving your recycling plant. Fewer truckloads are needed to transport scrap metal out, resulting in lower labor and transportation costs. Finely shredded or briquetted chips have a higher market value per volume of recycled chips, although it takes more steps and power to make them smaller.

Two shaft shredders are equipped with removable steel blades arranged on a splined shaft. The assembly is driven by a gear motor reducer designed to decrease the speed and increase the torque. On the shredder’s frame, combs are fixed for cutting the chips during the rotation of the multiple blades. A hardened steel panel with sized holes is installed underneath the shaft to grade the crushed chips. Contact us for more details.

two Shaft Shredder Blades

Dual Shaft Shredder Blade


Alternative fuel from waste: waste preparation for co-processing uniform particle sizes that range from 30 to 100 mm.

Brand and product protection: destruction of brands and goods not to go to the market.

Electronic scrap: processing of CPUs, monitors, mobile devices.

Waste treatment and disposition: disfigurement and destruction of biological and pharmaceutical products.

Tires: cars, trucks, agricultural and “offroad” OTR.

Plastics: sludge, films, injected, blown, loose or compacted.

Wood waste: pallets and packaging.

Paper and confidential documents: documents, folders, archives, cardboard boxes, paper rolls, etc.

Textiles: carpets, fabrics, clothes, foams.

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